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Robert Cahn
Founder and Principal
  • Has successfully solved important people and business challenges from his experience running companies, as a senior HR executive in a Fortune 500 company, and as a business advisor.

  • Broad business experience in HR, operations, sales, finance, strategy and law in multiple industries (e.g., media, automotive, beverage, financial, software, retail)

  • Trusted advisor and problem-solver who accelerates performance by identifying barriers to growth, implementing impactful people and process solutions, and keeping efforts focused on the key priorities

  • Acts like a partner who shares your vision, has candid dialogue, and drives towards your success

  • Instills groundwork for future success by preparing leaders and organizations to successfully navigate change, build on strengths, remove obstacles, and add new capabilities

CANDOR          INTEGRITY                 VALUING OTHERS



“Robert, I want to thank you for all the constructive feedback from the assessment and 360.  It was certainly informative and enlightening experience.  Honestly, I am most grateful for your coaching.  You have been a valuable sounding board and I look forward to continuing our conversations.”

– Long-term Executive Coaching Assignment 

“Thank you for visiting us and providing valuable insights that will undoubtedly facilitate the development of a stronger management team.  All the team came away energized and more attuned to each other’s needs.  It was an eye-opening experience for many of us.”

– National Media Business Executive Team 

“Thank you from the entire People Strategies team for your time and effort.  We really made a big step in the right direction toward building a cohesive team.  We appreciate your work.”

– Senior HR Leadership Team


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