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HR Business Advisor is a simple solution for growing small and medium-sized organizations that (1) see the potential to leverage their talent more thoughtfully to make a stronger contribution, (2) have their basic HR practices down pat (e.g., payroll, compliance) (3) but are not ready for a full-time strategic HR leader. 

Organizations can tap into an experienced talent expert to receive strategic guidance, knowledge and tactics for accelerating the growth of their people and organization to the next level.

We meet with business owners or leaders monthly to diagnose and map out a people strategy tied to their business goals and vision; including, addressing their most critical talent issues with actionable solutions, and then keeping leaders focused on delivering those priorities.


We address issues such as:

  • Retention

  • Hiring

  • Performance

  • Customer Service

  • Engagement

  • Collaboration

  • Respect & Trust

  • Development




Having better talent practices can translate into real cost savings by avoiding additional hiring and onboarding, lost time and productivity, and lack of continuity with customers.

You have a lot of balls in the air and a limited amount of time, but you clearly see the potential of building an even stronger team.  We provide the expertise and focus to make it a reality.  We promise to give you practical solutions and tools, not "boil the ocean" by burdening you with overly-complex, unrealistic or theoretical approaches. 




Understand the business and its people (history, vision, goals, practices, culture).  Listen for what’s working and what’s not.


Identify the gaps between where the business wants to be and its current reality (e.g., hiring, turnover, engagement, customer satisfaction, succession, performance management, collaboration, trust)


Use our Talent, HR and business expertise and experience to define improvements to address gaps in objectives, processes, practices and leadership that are practical and achieve long-term impact.

Ensure solutions align the people strategy, processes and culture with the vision and customer.


Meet monthly to assess progress, update plan, address new issues and keep leader focused on priorities.


Advise leader on “just in time” issues by phone or email (e.g., performance challenges).


Provide useful tools for plan implementation.


Coach leader on growing talent management and leadership skills.

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