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Increase organizational effectiveness and flexibility by clarifying direction, improving collaboration, fine-tuning organizational functioning and better navigating change.

Strategic Planning


Is the vision, direction and plan for your organization's growth and upcoming initiatives clear to you and your people?  We assess your environment, determine your desired future state, and then design a milestone-specific plan that is the best fit between your organization and desired goals, using a structured and participative approach to planning.


Organizational Culture


Your culture defines what is good, and what is to be avoided in your organization, such as how work should and should not be done, the right and wrong people to hire, and the types of behavior to encourage and discourage (innovation for example).  Is your culture promoting or getting in the way of success?  We'll help you look at your existing culture, identify desired changes and create an action plan to make your culture an asset.


Team Collaboration


The real work of business requires high levels of collaboration, problem solving, and cooperation.  Do your teams demonstrate mutual respect, a commitment to shared outcomes, camaraderie, and constructive dialogue?  We help you understand your team dynamics and implement solutions to build trust and performance.


Managing Change


We help you better manage complex transitions in strategy, operations, and culture.  We study the organization's and people's readiness for change, and define and implement a plan to achieve the desired goal, effectively communicate the change, and gain all stakeholder's buy-in.


Innovation Strategy


Is your organization more focused on a discipline of precise execution today, than innovating for tomorrow?  We help you use innovation techniques to think more expansively, better understand customers, generate and share ideas, challenge the status quo, experiment, and select ideas worthy of implementation.

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