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Are you continually attracting, hiring, developing, retaining and promoting the very best people to meet your organization’s goals?  We partner with you to create and implement a talent management strategy focused on the levers necessary to deliver the talent quality and depth your business requires.

Having effective Talent Management practices can reduce costs by avoiding additional hiring and onboarding, lost time and productivity, and lack of continuity with customers.

We have extensive experience consulting in the following areas.  The questions below can help you identify potential opportunities to better leverage your talent:

Talent Strategy

  • Do you have a clear strategic people plan (that is an outgrowth of your business plan) that defines your greatest people priorities for reaching success?

  • Are the skills and qualities needed by your employees to deliver on your business plan clearly defined so that you can measure performance and recruit the right people.

  • What “employee brand” do you desire for your organization in order to attract strong talent and customers?  

  • Do you have structured processes for evaluating talent and conducting succession planning?


Performance Management

  • Are your people able to tie their individual annual goals to overall organizational goals?

  • Do your employees understand what their jobs are and how their performance is measured?

  • Do managers provide timely positive feedback and recognition for work well done?  

  • Conversely, do managers give ongoing feedback and suggestions on how to improve performance?

  • Are managers comfortable having difficult conversations?

  • Is development or training available to build basic skills and grow high performers?



  • Are you hiring the right people from the start?

  • Do employees feel part of something special?

  • Are your people valued, recognized and heard? 

  • Is there open communication, celebration of successes and opportunities for growth?

  • Do leaders take an interest in employees’ development and career aspirations?

  • Are work/life balance and personal needs considered?



  • Do your screening and interviewing processes identify the right characteristics for good hires?

  • How effective are managers at assessing candidates?

  • Are you hiring to fill a slot, or identifying someone with potential for broader growth?

  • Are your new hires a good fit for the organization?

  • What distinguishes you as an attractive employer in the market?

  • Are your salary and commission structure, and benefits competitive?

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